What is Couples Counseling 
Going to couples counseling can feel like going to battle. Maybe trust has been broken, maybe the passion is dying or maybe life itself is threatening to conquer your relationship. When people show up to counseling, they are strategizing for how they will approach their next battles. They are gaining weapons and plans that will protect their relationship, that will enhance their strengths and that will help them fight back. All I need is for couples to show up and commit to fighting. Showing up and committing to doing the work is the hardest part, but with each session it will get easier. Often committing to counseling means doing assigned homework each week, it means implementing new ways of communication and often times it means eradicating current destructive patterns. It is work, but it is worth it.  See below for some of the most common benefits of couples counseling. If any of these sound like issues you would like to work on, don't hesitate to reach out. 

  • Recognizing relationship patterns (both healthy and unhealthy)
  • Enhancing the way you Communicate with each other and become better at arguing productively.
  • Re-introducing passion to your marriage
  • Learning to utilize your strengths that  you already possess and to use these to enhance your relationship
  • Discovering reasons behind reactions
  • Learning each other’s needs and how to meet them
  • Understanding  the conflicts in expectations
**Jaded Phoenix Counseling services does not discriminate and will provide services to both traditional and non-traditional couples. We offer services regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. 

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