Individual Counseling at Jaded Phoenix focuses on four core problem areas. Often clients have issues that overlap with each other i.e. anxiety paired with depression or trauma paired with anxiety. While beginning counseling can be scary, I strive to provide a warm, supportive environment to explore each part of what brought you to counseling. 

Anxiety/ OCD: Many clients can get stuck in a cycle of anxiety that they can’t seem to break free from. Anxiety can manifest in multiple ways. Anxiety isn’t always panic attacks or shaking legs, often times it looks like cancelling plans at the last minute, heightened irritability, outbursts of anger or feeling constantly overwhelmed. Anxiety is like a parasitic gremlin that hops on your back uninvited and attaches itself to you. It can seem that no matter what you do, you just can’t get this gremlin to let go. Maybe you’ve read 20 self-help books, gone to every yoga class you could find, became a master at meditation and you are STILL struggling with the anxiety. The fight itself can be exhausting. With OCD, the compulsions can drive you mad and often you feel like you have no control over what you are doing. I have experience in treating typical types and sub-types of OCD. I use a hybrid approach of CBT/ ERP and DBT in order to treat OCD. 

Identity Issues/ Self-Esteem:  How are you supposed operate in life when you don’t feel like you know who you are? What are the things that define you, that give you purpose? If you don’t know, I can aid you in exploring your authentic self, at coming to a place of peace with who you are and where you are going.

Depression: Depression can be downright exhausting. Many clients have functioning depression, meaning that they can fake being okay around other people when needed, but inside they are struggling. Putting on this inauthentic presentation to the world is draining. I hope to help you understand both internal (chemical) and external (environmental) factors that may be contributing to your depression. I can then aid you in completing a treatment plan that will address these issues head on. 

Toxic Family Cycles: Toxic family cycles can often look like a lack of boundaries, constant issues with overbearing parents or emotionally abusive family members. Toxic family cycles can lead to the above mentioned issues when not kept in check. They almost always lead to anxiety, depression and/or a lack of self-esteem. We can aid you in healing from the damage that's already been caused and developing skills that can aid you in dealing with future destructive behavior.

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Welcome to Jaded Phoenix Counseling, a private practice located in Bellingham, WA. My name is Lydia Blackwell, and I  utilize a mindfulness ...